Sandhills and Windmills

Come On Fall!  

Why is it when summer rolls to an end, I feel a natural self defense rise up. An urge to call on winter. A defiable sense of ability to weather out another year of cold crisp mornings and the freezing blowing winds of Wyoming. We know we can do it because it has been done before. This year is no different, other than incredible rain we have been getting this week. What a way to call in the changing season. Kids have returned to school, have I mentioned that they go to the Poison Spider School. Jeff and I are scrambling to finish all the goals we had set in the spring. It has been a crazy year once again. The older I get the more I realize that there is a lot of truth to the saying "Time Marches On". It certainly does. As we roll into what is my favorite season of the year we prepare for shipping, pregging, a full load of cowboy music festivals and gatherings, reunions with friends and families and the onset of another winter. Also getting ready to launch my new CD, "Old Poly Rope" the first of October and I'm so excited to share a little more of what makes me happy. As I went out this morning and smelled the fresh smell of rain on sagebrush and felt the tinge of fall in the air I couldn't help but want to shout out "Come on Fall" bring it on. Hopefully this year we will be ready for ya. Im putting in a sneak peak of a new song on the CD, rightfully named, "Come on Fall" for you to preview. Keep in mind this is a rough draft but since many have asked, here you go.

High Trails and Pony Tails! 

This time of year always reminds me of those chilcotin winters of my childhood. January and february were always so bitter and lasted forever but as kids we always made the best of things, it didn't matter if it was fourty below. We would be out ice skating on the lake, our braids frozen, our eyelashes white with frost and our faces frozen with the smiles of youth. Oh to be young again. As we were out feeding yesterday, little tap sitting on my lap in the tractor, my wonderful husband out facing the cold and wyoming wind pitching hay off the trailer I couldnt help but think of how some things never change. It doesn't matter if we age every day, the excitement of life is up to us, weather or not we make the decision to face the cold, the long winters. "Life is a gift and what we do with our life is our gift to God". This year is going to be a great one. We are welcoming another little buckaroo to the seely clan in June. If nothing else,  I just can't wait to crawl up on a colt and take a ride. That's what it's all about. This wonderful ride of life.

All the pretty horses 

Fall has come on so fast this year, I don't know where the summer went. All I know is that those shiny coats have started to hair up as the inevitable takes place. I will admit that fall has always been my favorite time of year. You can smell the change in the air as mother nature prepares us all for the road ahead. This fall has been an especially busy and productive season, the last couple weeks we have been busy preg testing vaccinating and shipping calves, feeding the hungry mouths of cowboy crews and little buckaroos, taking short trips on the road for shows,  and amongst other things, working on the CD.  Fall is also a time when I seem to really miss my family, there will never be a time when this season doesn't take me back to the view out the cabin, the colorful aspen mixed in the never ending jungle of jackpine reflecting off the perfectly smoothe One Eye Lake. But, thank goodness for all the pretty horses, they never seem to leave me without the sense of home, friendship and happiness. Some say it's a disease, this love of horses and the cowboy life, I say those that don't understand a cowgirl's heart don't understand the actual "dis" "ease" that comes when we are without them.
The Simple Life~

In case some of you are wondering,
why we choose this life we live,
why we choose to give the more “simple life”
to ourselves and to our kids
What it is about a cold clear day
the beauty of the snow
the sounds of horses munchin’ on the hay,
that’s got our hearts just so
Well, it doesn’t take much explainin’
for you that listen to a thought
for it’s simply just a state of mind
when you’re happy with what you’ve got
A couple kids….or maybe more
a husband or a wife
or maybe just the chance you’ve had
to live this kind of life
The ability to appreciate the simple things at hand
A day without wind for one, is something I can understand
A true hard workin’ friend, a horse,
who doesn’t give a care,
if you simply haven’t got a thing,
or if you’re a millionaire.
So as I step out in the cold this day,
I’ve given this a lot of thought.
I might be a “Simple” Girl,
but I’m sure proud of what I’ve got.

Trinity Seely, Thoughts from a ranch wife!

The Feed Yard~
I’ve decided after thinkin’ that my home resembles that
Of a feed yard, in the winter, the feeders and the fats
I start my daily duties by saddlin’ up and ridin’ pens.
Which in this case resemble, the dirty rooms of my children.
Oh there’s much to be sorted, doctored, weighed and shipped
I swear that I just did this, must have been too ill equipped.
Just to catch the little yearlin’ I’ll have to rope and tie him down
to give a little tylenol, who would have thought I’d go the rounds?
Oh the others, they are easy, just as long as they get fed
If I only had a feed truck, probably easier than said
But no, it gets more difficult than a nutritional degree
When it comes time to decidin’ what will be the dinner feed
I know I shouldn’t say it, but I’ve thought a time or two
How it’d be a whole lot easier to use a cattle chute
To load ‘em in the pick up, run ‘em through the door
To change a dirty diaper or get ‘em out the store
And the gates, well there no match, to the number of the times
That I buckle up the car seat, or explain a reason “Why”
And when the evening comes, and the kids are bedded down
I’ll just be preparin’ myself for another morning round.