All the pretty horses

Fall has come on so fast this year, I don't know where the summer went. All I know is that those shiny coats have started to hair up as the inevitable takes place. I will admit that fall has always been my favorite time of year. You can smell the change in the air as mother nature prepares us all for the road ahead. This fall has been an especially busy and productive season, the last couple weeks we have been busy preg testing vaccinating and shipping calves, feeding the hungry mouths of cowboy crews and little buckaroos, taking short trips on the road for shows,  and amongst other things, working on the CD.  Fall is also a time when I seem to really miss my family, there will never be a time when this season doesn't take me back to the view out the cabin, the colorful aspen mixed in the never ending jungle of jackpine reflecting off the perfectly smoothe One Eye Lake. But, thank goodness for all the pretty horses, they never seem to leave me without the sense of home, friendship and happiness. Some say it's a disease, this love of horses and the cowboy life, I say those that don't understand a cowgirl's heart don't understand the actual "dis" "ease" that comes when we are without them.